Thy Kingdom Come

Bible Prophecy Conference/McKinney, TX/Starting January 17th

Conference Speakers

Sid Osborn

image Like others exposed to the Bible early in life, Sid Osborn developed an intense interest in the book of Daniel, which encompasses the life and ministry of Daniel, a young man of unique ability, excellent character, and outstanding courage in the face of the world’s greatest Leader or a den of lions. With Daniel’s life as the background, it presents some of the most detailed and important prophetic passages in the entire Bible. Sid eagerly anticipates delving into these fascinating topics, most notably the prophetic period referred to as the “Times of the Gentiles”.

Sid and his wife Linda have been married for 35 years, during which time they have been active in teaching and administrating weekend conferences, youth camps, and week-long Bible studies throughout the country, in such locations as Shallowbrook Farm, Lassen Pines, and Murrieta Hot Springs. They have 3 children, their sons, Drew in Midland, Texas, and Wills in Lubbock, Texas, and their daughter, Bethany Smith and her family, in West Point, New York.

Michael White

image Michael White first encountered the Book of Daniel in 1994 at a college age Bible study, and was overwhelmed by the reliability and accuracy of the Word of God. Since that time, he has continued to explore Biblical end time prophecy (Eschatology) and is continually amazed by the way the various prophetic passages interrelate.

Over the last 24 years, he has led numerous Bible studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation, and has preached in depth on the book of Matthew, focusing on the Parables of the Kingdom.

Michael currently resides with his wife and seven children in Dallas, Texas, and is enrolled in the Master of Theology program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Tim Cedarland

image Tim Cedarland has served in vocational ministry for more than three decades. Following a stint with the Portland Rescue Mission, Tim served for 10 years in itinerant ministry, followed by 18 years as the founding pastor of Community Bible Fellowship in Gig Harbor, WA, and 5 years as the founding director of Thrive, a cross-church young adult ministry. Tim has a passion for evangelism, mentoring young leaders, and the clear communication of the truths of God’s Word, including the riches of Bible prophecy. Over the years Tim and his wife, Karen, have discipled countless young adults in the Gig Harbor area, a ministry they continue to this day. He and Karen have four children (Joe, Ben, Nathan, and Jesse) and several grandchildren.

Michael Bouterse

image While an undergrad at Whitworth University, Michael “fell in love” with Scripture, and particularly the way Scripture traces the beautiful unfolding of God’s redemptive purpose from cover to cover. Michael is passionate about helping others know God as He has revealed Himself to us in Scripture, particularly through relational, one-on-one discipleship. He currently serves as the director of Thrive, a cross-church young adult ministry in Gig Harbor, WA. When he’s not reading, writing, or hiking, you can probably find him at a local coffee shop meeting with young adults! Michael received a Master of Studies in New Testament from Oxford University.